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I knit hats, wristwarmers and cowls in small batches on a vintage knitting machine that I bought when it was new! My signature style for jumpers and cardi designs is big loose and oversized -- for relaxed wearing. Everything is hand-finished, hand-washed and dried before it goes to the customer. 


My woollies are created in my studio, in a wooded garden in rural Aberdeenshire. My yarn is sourced from a Scottish mill just up the road.

Since I started machine knitting, technology has developed to enable digital patterns to be read directly by the machine, bypassing punchcards and pattern-repeat restrictions (originally 24 stitches). As my background is in graphic design, I'm now delighted to be able to create graphic knits that can fill a sweater front. 

Happiness for me is the ability to create wearables out of a long length of yarn. I'm hoping soon to be able to improve the choice of machine-knit patterns to the small, but dedicated machine-knitting community looking to choose a low impact lifestyle with their fashion choices. 


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