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Black Sheep Knits in Aberdeen for November.

The boutique houseplant shop Rooted in Scotland, owned by Fiona McDonald, is promoting small artisan businesses during November and showcasing a handpicked group of Aberdeen and Shire makers in an event titled, Creation: from the makers’ hand.

I'm delighted to have been asked to provide some of my accessory knits to display in her trendy bricks & mortar shop at 144 Rosemount Place, Aberdeen. I'm listed under the From the land, with the two other categories being From the earth and From the Forest. During the pandemic this year she's offering individual book-and-browse slots to customers so they can have a good mooch about amongst the plants and lifestyle products.

Fiona's social media is full of wonderful images of desirable plants that she always posts with plant care tips. Anyone with an interest in greenery will want to covet every plant she posts.

You'll find her easily in a search using her tag @rootedinscotland but my favourite source would always be her beautiful feed on Instagram.

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